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Kamis, 27 Oktober 2016

BCA SAKUKU : No Wallet, No Cry

As  an employee in a private company here in Jakarta, there are times, especially on paydays, some of my colleagues will ask for eating out, to refresh ourselves from the monotonous food we had in the canteen. For only an hour lunch break, what you may carry? I usually carry my jumbo wallet and a hand phone. Not so handy, as I only have two hands anyway, but there was no choice. I should bring my wallet because my money and debit cards are in there, while I cannot keep away from my hand phone (millennial generation, guys!).

When you would have to choose, to bring your wallet or hand phone, it would be such a difficult choice in the past. But then, BCA invented a SAKUKU application as a mobile money which is integrated to your phone as it is connected to your phone number.
Sakuku, what it can do :
  • Payment tool in listed merchants
  • Transfer money
  • Withdraw money on selected BCA ATMs
  • Phone credits Top Up
  • Split Bill (Sakuku Plus)  
BCA Products

Before the age of mobile money, people had to undergo the same hassle; count your cash, wait for change from the cashier, fumble in our bags to locate our debit/credit cards – as with Sakuku, this experience creates more effectiveness. Sakuku will instantaneously deduct the exact amount from your Sakuku at the merchant. As easy as scanning the QR barcode from the merchant’s receipt, enter your pin for verification, voila! your transaction is done. It is suitable for retail transaction with small amount as you don’t have to mind about the usual permitted minimum amount of transactions if using credit cards or debit cards.

Start by downloading Sakuku application from Google Play or App Store (Android OS 4.0 and above / Iphone IOS 7.1 and above). Now, if you upgrade your Sakuku to Sakuku Plus, you will be able to activate the feature of Split Bill. Split Bill is a tool where you can hang out with your friends and share your bill within your group. Have you ever encountered the time when you had difficulties to calculate how much each of your friends has to pay while you actually hate Math? Well, I did, and Sakuku comes as my solution since they can split bill into an equivalent amount to my friends’ Sakuku. They will then transfer their accurate bill portion and I don’t have to count cash. Sooo handy!

Sakuku as Your Payment Tool

Time is money. And this is true for both customers and businesses. Sakuku also boasts other advantages. As opposed to the buy-now-pay-later principle of the credit card, Sakuku works on the instantaneous debit principle and allows practically no overdraft on it. The inability to significantly overspend implies healthier spending habits in the society.

Moreover, the worst-case consequence of losing your phone and your money saved in Sakuku, the risk is actually only equal to the maximum amount one can store on Sakuku (IDR 1 mio or 5 mio). What’s more, if the worst scenario happened, you can report the loss to BCA call center 1500888 and deactivate your Sakuku number to prevent unauthorized use. BCA will refund the customer any value remaining on the lost hand phone in the newly registered Sakuku app from the verified customer data. I have worry free for banking product as high class as BCA. Their security system is top-notch.

Nowadays people desire for ever higher efficiency, their obsession with convenience and their willingness to embrace new inventions raised the well-designed Sakuku which fastly will be becoming a considerably faster and more convenient substitute for cash in retail payments.

By the way, I’ll give you a tip. Sakuku is currently having promotion on using Split Bill Sakuku (30 September 2016 - 20 November 2016, weekends). By only spending minimum IDR 100.000 in offline merchants registered in www.bca.co.id/merchantsakuku and split bill minimum with two of your friends within the same day, you will get cashback IDR 100.000 within the next three working days. Below I share you my trial to shop in a bookstore with my sisters for our weekend readings, and we split bill within 3 of us, and on the next Monday I already got the cashback. Super! Hopefully BCA will add number of merchants that can receive Sakuku in various area (oh please..)

Payment Process
Split Bill with Two SakukuPlus Contacts
Cashback 100K from BCA

My Story with BCA - #MyBCAExperience - #InovasiBCA

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Rabu, 26 Oktober 2016

Weekend : Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen (Kuningan)

FatFalcon penasaran dengan cafe yang menurut geotag Instagram merupakan salah satu lokasi hangout dimana anak-anak muda gaul mostly visit dan post foto-foto kece di sini.
Tepatnya awal bulan lalu, FatFalcon pergi berempat dengan keluarga FatFalcon.

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen berlokasi di dalam Plaza Festival Kuningan. Sangat mudah menemukan tempat ini. Ada tembok putih berdiri tinggi yang akan menarik perhatian kalian.

Pertama kali masuk, kesan pertama nya : rame. Tapi nggak heran sih kenapa rame, soalnya tempatnya nyaman banget! Menurut FatFalcon, yang bikin tempat ini unik adalah pohon besar yang tumbuh di dalam bangunan cafe. Jadi instead of menebang pohon besar ini, arsitek bangunannya malah sengaja untuk blend in dengan suasana alam yang dibawa oleh pohon besar ini.

Karena kita udah kelaperan, kita order hampir seluruh menu di Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen.

Pan Seared Salmon IDR 79K

Caesar Salad IDR 45K

Deep Fried Calamari IDR 45K
Untuk deep fried calamari ini rasanya sih standard compared to the price. But the sauce was nice and the food presentation was very good.

Roasted Chicken 65K
My sister ordered this Roasted Chicken. I didn't try, but she said the taste was ok.

Nasi Lemak Malaca IDR 65K
This is the best meal here. A fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf, deep fried anchovies, fried peanut, hard boiled egg and special chili paste. Bumbunya sangat meresap dan gurih. I don't know was it because I was hungry or what, but it tasted really..good.

Ambiance di Lantai 2

All in all, it was a very enjoyable visit to hangout here. Definitely will come back.

- Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen -
Plaza Festival, South Parking,
Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta
Jam Buka : 24 Jam
Telp : (021) 52961475
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